Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Dedication to Laughter

This post is dedicated to laughing.  If anyone knows me well, they will tell you that I am an AFV junkie.  (By AFV I mean the best show on television, America’s Funniest Home Videos.)   At the start of the show, I just let out a small chuckle, then maybe it builds into an audible HA!  Before I know it, my whole body is shaking and my eyes are crying from laughing so hard.  And I am LOUD.  You can hear my cackle from any room in the house, and I dare you not to join in on the laughter when you hear me.   Friends and family come running in; they want in on this laughing action.  Sometimes even when a commercial comes on, I am still laughing about the last kid I saw talking about ham, watch it yourself.
When I am watching funny videos, nothing is on my mind.  It easy to just let go and laugh at all the silly things people do, how adorable our kids are, or how fantastically awkward falling really is.  But its more than just laughing isn’t it?  How great is it to laugh by yourself?  How do you describe that feeling that you get when you are in a full room with everyone laughing hysterically?
There is something wonderful about laughing and it’s scientifically proven to be good for you!  It releases funky little endorphins which flood your body with good feeling and de-stressors.  Endorphins are our body’s natural pain killers, attaching to the same cell receptors that morphine does.  Most of us know that exercising and laughing make us feel good, now you know it’s actually biologically instinctive for us to be happy and active.  What’s so amazing is that we are born with all these tools at our fingertips!   Laughing is also the easiest abdominal workout you will ever do.   For more, check out the benefits of laughing.  Some yoga practitioners have caught on and even developed “Laughter Yoga.”  I have never been, but I am sure its fun.  For me right now, its my weakness for falling videos.  I mean, you can’t tell me that after a night of AFV watching you don’t feel fantastic.
So become an endorphin junkie and laugh it off with me.  If you don’t know where to start, just watch this a bunch of times:

Post some videos that make you smile, laugh, or just feel good!


  1. One-apon-a-time dare was a wittle titty tat named Yion.

    Dee End

  2. That sounds like every adorable little child trying to tell a story! Just like the little girl in the other video who thought her brother said, "You want a piece of meat!" instead of piece of me. She in turn goes on to say in a too-adorable-for-words sort of way,

    "I'll give you a piece of ham!"

    Glad we all have a sense of humor!