Monday, February 21, 2011

Bring on the action!

Welcome to Living Courageously, a blog I hope to use to inspire people to live to their fullest. I’m a young woman with a lot to say and a whole bunch of opinions. I believe there are 6 types of actions that define who we are and what life we lead: Leaping, Reading, Stretching, Balancing, Eating, and Loving. I purposely used the progressive tense of these words as a way to emphasize the importance of doing. Taking a proactive attitude in life will not only give you the energy to live to your fullest, but you will inspire others along the way. Another reason for the progressive tense is to emphasize that the proactive attitude is ongoing. We must constantly move through life, so it might as well be with purpose. And, it might as well be fun! In this blog I hope to:

  • Inspire you to take a leap: explore things you may have been scared to try
  • Open your eyes to read new ideas
  • Show you ways to help you reach your fullest potential
  • Show you the excitement in balance
  • Share yummy food recipes for body and soul
  • Talk about love, love, love

But what do I know? Don’t listen to damn thing I say.

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