Saturday, June 25, 2011

Outside Asanas

When it is 90 degrees outside, with 30% humidity, its hard to motivate people to come into an even hotter room to practice yoga.  Understandable, I would be lying if I said it was easy to find the motivation within myself on those days.  I usually get myself to the yoga center, but for the days I just simply cannot pull it together, I have found an equally rewarding option. 


This morning I finished yet another wonderful backyard yoga practice.  There is nothing better than feeling the sun on my shoulders, the birds chirping, and even the bugs buzzing as I move my body through my practice.  When I look to my fingertips in reverse warrior I see the bright blue sky.  When I sink into utkatasana I gaze at my newly planted African Marigolds.  When I am practicing outside asanas, I find myself noticing the small pleasures of my environment.  When the clouds momentarily drift across the sun, I have a moment of cool.  In my head I can picture one of my teachers turning on the fans for a brief moment.  For me, I find myself more in tune with my breathe and my subtle movements.  There is no space to worry about what you look like in the mirror, who else is in the class, and what you are doing after.   
Now I practice from memory or I experiment with classes I have put together myself and create a personal soundtrack for whatever mood I am in that morning.  However, anyone (even beginners!) can practice outside.  You can find plenty of yoga classes on iTunes that you can download and listen to while practicing outside.  Just take your time and be patient with yourself.  Worst case scenario?  You spend an hour outside! 

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