Thursday, May 19, 2011

To all the Mothers

This is a belated (but much needed) dedication to all the mothers of the world.   As all of us know, on May 8th the United States became unites to celebrate all of our mothers.  This year on Mother’s Day, we had our mothers over for a delicious homemade brunch, mimosas, and lots of catching up.  In the past Mother’s Day has meant a lot of different things.  When we were younger, it meant bringing mom breakfast in bed (burnt toast and all).  We giggled and bounced on the bed while Mom pretended to enjoy her breakfast.  Then there were the years of flowers, homemade cards, and pancakes.   My sister and I had a knack for making lots and lots of crafts.  However, soon we became less cute and Mother’s Day became “Do-as-I-say-or-leave-me-alone” Mother’s Day.   (Looking back on it—totally justified).  As I teen, it was all I could do to remember a card and purchase a gift card.  Its sad to say, but I even began to believe that Mother’s Day was simply a Hallmark money-maker holiday and I was tempted to rebel.

But the truth is, mothers’ rock.  They put up with so much and ask for so little.  They build you up when you are down, tell you what you need to hear to press on.  My mother is one of the strongest people I know.  No matter she may be going through, she will always take care of me first.  I love my mother so much and this year, nothing I could do was going to be able to show her that completely. 

Maybe it about getting older and moving out, or maybe its about becoming wiser and more humble, but I respect my mother more now that I think I ever have.  She gives her all to everything she does and never sees a barrier to a brighter future.   In her free time, she will learn everything about anything.  Once after finding a strange cocoon, she researched it, protected it, and after some weeks she watched as the cocoon cracked open to reveal the most amazing polyphemous moth.  She had actually gotten a group of people interested in what this thing would become.  The students at Princeton University even named it.  So at first when everyone else was willing to just ignore or toss this cocoon, she saw potential for what could be.  

I think that is what is so wonderful about mothers.  When we come out into the world, we are nothing but screaming, pooping, crying blobs.  But they love us instantly!  A mother can see you for who you truly are and what you can become way before you do.   Even during our terrible two’s and terrifying teens, our mothers can see our potential to be great. 

So give thanks, as we only get one true mother.  Love you mom!

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